Company Overview

Intimate Merger is one of the largest 3rd party data providers, also recognized as "Public DMP" in Japan.

Collection Methodology

We provide web performance data of the audience visiting our partner’s media as well as data estimated from statistical processing of a consumer panels provided by media research companies. In addition, we aggregate data based on keywords extracted from consumer contact via our partners

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Automotive, CPG, Financial Services, Media & Entertainment, Retail, Tech, Travel, Social/ Lifestyle

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against 75+ other data providers

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Customer Stories

Excellent: 4.8 out of 5

Smart Recommendations in Seconds

We use ClearSegment across all of our clients and new business pitches. It allows us to make smarter segment recommendations and drive our client's business forward. Just in the past 2 weeks we identified 20 new segments for one of our client. They loved us for the smart thinking we brought to the table! 

Melissa Ehrlich
SVP, Digital Media

Know What You Target

Segment definitions can be very vague or non-existent in many cases. With ClearSegment, we now have an intuitive interface allowing us to learn more about each individual segment and data provider. This allowed us to improve our recommendations and answer targeting client questions on the go.

Spencer Markwart
Account Services

Driving Data Cost Down

We started using ClearSegment 6 month ago and were able to cut down our data cost by 40%. We were able to revisit our entire data strategy and find more cost-effective segments  without sacrificing scale and targeting precision.

Jasson Kros
VP, Strategic Planning

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I purchase segments from you?

ClearSegment does not sell segments or targeting data. We focus on bringing transparency to data buyers by aggregating data provider and segment information - making it easier to identify, compare and select targeting segments.

Do you offer a discount for teams?

Yes, we do. We provide a discount to organizations that need more that 3 ClearSegment seats. Pleaseemail usto request a team discount.

How often do you refresh your segments?

We refresh our segment availability and definition on a monthly basis ensuring that ClearSegments customers have always access to the latest segment information on the market.

How do I compare segments?

This is a a very common questions that many agencies and brands ask themselves. We provide several indicators to assess segments across 75+ different data providers, making it easy for data buyers to make smart targeting decisions. This includes, understanding the data collection methodology, segment description, cost indicators, segment sizing and people counts.